It is the understanding of the Saskatchewan Dental Assistants' Association, that patient contact for unlicensed personnel in the dental office is limited to retraction, operation of A/W syringe and suctioning. Tooth brushing and flossing demonstrations would need to be “outside of the mouth” and it would be questionable that an untrained individual would have the knowledge to properly assess the client needs and teach these techniques.

Please note that “Protection of Titles” is found in The Dental Disciplines Act on Page 16, Section 22 (4). This clearly states that the title “dental assistant” is reserved for individuals who are registered and licensed members of the Saskatchewan Dental Assistants’ Association. Some of the northern health districts are using the title “dental aide” as an identifier for their unlicensed staff.

Additionally, prohibitions are found in Section 24 (1); this clause prohibits anyone without qualifications from performing authorized practice. This section clarifies our position that the dental aide must restrict their intra oral activities to retraction, operation of the A/W syringe and suctioning.

Section 44 speaks to “Offence and Penalty”. This section related to the limitations on fines and imprisonment related to a summary conviction in which an individual was found guilty of section 22 or section 24.

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