There is little doubt of the risks associated with tobacco usage. Smoking is associated with tooth loss associated with periodontal disease and many kinds of cancer.  As oral health professionals, dental assistants have the responsiblity to inform our patients about the risks associated with tobacco usage and the supports available to those who seek to quit.

Based on research and overwhelming evidence stating that the use of tobacco products is the leading cause of preventable death and disease in Canada; that there is no safe form of tobacco and that tobacco products have been shown to contribute to oral diseases, including oral cancer and periodontal disease:

The Dental Health Promotion Working Group:

  • Opposes the use of all tobacco products as harmful to health, with recognition and respect for the ceremonial and traditional use of tobacco.
  • Advises all tobacco users to discontinue the use of all tobacco products without exception.
  • Believes that the promotion of smokeless (spit) tobacco use for any reason delivers an inappropriate public health message.
  • Supports the use of scientifically and clinically proven nicotine replacement therapies and pharmacotherapy only, as a safe and effective aid to tobacco cessation.
  • Supports all tobacco intervention efforts, especially those that emphasize prevention of tobacco use and protection of children from exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke.

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Individuals wishing to work in the area of tobacco cessation may wish to complete a comprehensive tobacco cessation education training program for healthcare professionals.  The TEACH project will provide the accredited training to help you achieve the required competencies to deliver evidence-based tobasso cessation. Once you have completed TEACH you can decide if you would like to obtain the CTE designation.  TEACH will also be offering the Health Education Course allowing participants to complete all required competencies through one program.

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