Licensed "Registered Dental Assistants" (practice status) are required to obtain 15 professional development credits throughout the year. (effective January 1, 2015)

Non-practising members in their 4th are required to obtain 15 professional development credits prior to upgrading to practising status and one course must address infection control.  Non-practice members must upgrade in their 5th year to practice status. Note: members holding practice status in another oral health profession may hold non-practice status indefinitely.

Please download a sign in/out form when attending professional development courses that are not sponsored by SDAA

Lifelong Learning in Dental Assisting

It is very important to stay current and up to date with the ever-changing technology, materials, and information being made available in the dental field.  Continuing education is essential for all health care professionals to be able to maintain the highest standards of care and safety for their patients. 

It is of upmost importance to be up to date with regards to:

  1. New infection control procedures
  2. New dental procedures
  3. New dental materials
  4. New dental equipment
  5. Information about new and current Diseases and things effecting the world currently
  6. Dietary and health related information regarding common diseases such as diabetes, cancer, MS, allergies, ADD, ADHD, autism, heart disease, stroke, epilepsy, etc.

The SDAA requires every dental assistant holding a practice status to acquire a minimum of 15 credits per year of professional development to maintain their licence.  Each point is equivalent to 1 hour of professional development.   These credits can be acquired by attending health related presentations, lunch and learn sessions, technology updates by qualified technicians, educational courses, dental modules, and internet training sessions. 

Dental Assistants are required to UPLOAD  certificates to their profile through the online portal OR mail in, email or fax information about the course and the signature of the course provider with the hours attended to:

            Saskatchewan Dental Assistants' Association
            307-845 Broad St
            Regina, SK    S4R 8G9
            306-252-2089 (fax)

Saskatchewan Dental Assistants’ Association
307-845 Broad St. Regina, SK S4R 8G9
Ph: (306) 252-2769 Fax: (306) 252-2089