A quality workplace is a place where people want to work and enjoy working.  It is essential to keeping employees on task and working efficiently. 

  1. Competitive wages
  2. Fairness for everyone who works there
  3. A sensible workload with challenging, yet achievable goals
  4. A trusting relationship between employees and management
  5. A management that supports and cares for their employees well being
  6. A management that is approachable and understanding with regards to employees concerns
  7. A work area that is clean and organized enough to make the job doable and safe
  8. Good quality and clear communication with regards to employees roles, tasks and expectations
  1. Hard working employees who love their job
  2. Staff that stay around for many years
  3. Less costs for training of new staff
  4. A cheerful, fun place for all employees to work together, get along and share the office duties
Saskatchewan Dental Assistants’ Association
307-845 Broad St. Regina, SK S4R 8G9
Ph: (306) 252-2769 Fax: (306) 252-2089
Email: sdaa@sasktel.net