Labour Standards and Occupational Health and Safety are the bodies that govern the Saskatchewan workplace.  Employers and employees should be familiar with their policies.   The dentist /employer generally has control over the conditions of work and therefore hold responsibility for health and safety in the workplace.

Occupational Health & Safety & Employers Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the dentist/employer to provide effective personal protective equipment, in accordance with universal precautions, including:

  • Proper sized patient gloves
  • Protective eye goggles or glasses
  • Masks
  • Face shields in cases of blood splatters
  • Protective clothing
  • Clean up utility gloves

The office uniform and dress code must be fully understood prior to employment.  Any employee who is required to wear a uniform must be provided one at no cost.  An employer cannot deduct any costs for uniforms from the employee; however, they can require a reasonable damage deposit when a uniform is supplied.  Uniforms are not considered additional benefits.

As well, if an employee has a latex allergy the employer must provide non-latex gloves, offer alternative work duties that do not involve contact with latex products, and/or develop a latex safe work environment.

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