SDAA has kits containing a dentiform and brush and a variety of other items to assist dental assistants to make a mouth care presentation. We include hand-outs for your participants which are age appropriate. Just let us know when you need the kit as well as the age and number of particpants and we will get a kit out to you by mail. Please allow time for delivery. Once you complete the presentation just have the teacher complete and sign a "Sign in/Out" which you will need to download off this website [located under EDUCATION tag in "Professional Development" area]

Saskatoon Health Region has kindly made some of their dental resources available to SDAA members via our website. Click Saskatoon Health Region-Oral-Health ; from here you will find a lot of information and various links. There are also additional publications available which you can acess by contacting the Dental Health Educator in your health region.

The Winnipeg Health Region offers excellent resources for oral care for children LINK

The Canadian Dental Association promotes Your Childs First Visit to the dentist.

the Canadian Dental Association provides Brushing and Flossing Instructions for Your Child

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