Dental Assistants in Canada with a minimum of core skills, licensed, or holding recent registration/licensure in any Canadian jurisdiction are generally eligible for registration and licensure in any other Canadian jurisdiction. Variances to this may occur where the dental assistant is not currently registered and licenced or does not hold the minimum core skills. Regulatory authorities reserve the right to ensure that applicants have met the initial requirements as defined in the Dental Assisting - Labour Mobility Agreement, 2001.

If you have been registered in another Canadian jurisdiction you may be eligible to transfer under the Labour Mobility Agreement (Chapter 7, Agreement on Internal Trade).

Click here to download the Labour Mobility Flow Chart.

Dental Assistants from Ontario graduating from CDAC accredited programs holding the NDAEB certificate and demonstrating sufficient practice hours are transfer eligible. Dental Assistants graduating from other programs holding an NDAEB certificate and having successfully completed a Clinical Practice Evaluation will also be transfer eligible based on sufficient practice hours. The Mutual Recognition Agreement now reflects the necessity to accommodate workers from a non regulated jurisdiction.

Graduates from international dental assistant programs and non-accredited programs are generally required to hold an NDAEB certificate and complete a Clinical Practice Evaluation or equivalency. Contact the NDAEB office to begin the process.

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