This document provides a check list for the dental clinic relative to screening, equipment and safe patient care.  This document is specific to dealing with Covid-19 and was published in June 2020.  As dentistry is considered to be a high risk profession it is essential that the entire oral health team is engaged in keeping their patients and oral health care facility safe for everyone. LINK TO DOCUMENT

How should items be stored following sterilization?
Sterile items and disposable (single-use) items should be stored in an enclosed storage area (e.g., cabinet or drawer). Dental supplies and instruments should not be stored under sinks or in other locations where they might become wet. Sterilized items should remain wrapped until they are needed for use.

Unwrapped items are susceptible to contamination . Avoid storing items loose in drawers or cabinets because unwrapped items cannot be kept sterile. Items stored in this manner are subject to contamination from dust, aerosols generated during treatment, and the hands of personnel who must handle them.

The COVID-19 pandemic is difficult and challenging for our health care system. During a surge in COVID-19 cases, you may be required to adapt your usual practice. You may be asked to work in unfamiliar settings or outside of your typical role for the benefit of patients. You are not expected to practice beyond the professional scope of practice of your profession nor beyond your individual competence. As the province plans its response, your role is vital to patients receiving safe, competent and ethical care.

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