All licensees as Dental Assistants of the Saskatchewan Dental Assistants’ Association are required to attain a minimum of fifteen education credits each year.

The accumulation period will begin upon registration and/or licensure and end on December 31 annually.

Education credit requirements are pro-rated for licensure occurring after June 15. Nine credits are required after the mid-year point.

Education credits will be granted for courses or professional development activities according to policies set by the Curriculum and Credentials Committee and approved by Council.

Courses or activities will generally be accepted at hour-for-hour credit, unless otherwise stated. Only actual hours of lecture, instructor and/or practicum times are eligible for credit unless prior approval is received. Members must provide proof of attendance at each course or activity.

Evidence, to be submitted from time to time to the council as to the completion of required training or attainment of education requirements is the responsibility of individual licensees.

Dental Assisting Practice:
Continuing education courses or activities that relate to the practice of dental assisting in the areas of clinical assisting, health promotion and research are eligible.

Practice Management:
Continuing education courses or activities that relate to the administration or management of the dental practice or practice of dental assisting are eligible for credit.

Personal Enhancement:
Personal Enhancement programs that enhance personal health and well being and contribute to a healthy dental assisting work environment are eligible for credit.

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