In Canada today, a Registered Dental Assistant is educated to perform a vast number of intra-oral competencies.  Each RDA in Saskatchewan has a personalized list of competencies, reflecting the evolution of dental assisting education. What once were expanded function are now considered to be basic skills for the dental assistant of the 21st century.

Registered Dental Assistants in Saskatchewan have one of the broadest competency or skill list in Canada.  It is based on formal education taken at a recognized program in dental assisting or dental program.  Our document is reviewed regularly.  LINK TO DOCUMENT.

Since becoming a regulatory authority in 1998, the SDAA Curicullum and Credential SDAA has reviewed a significant number of requests relative to dental assistant practice.  Some requests have been approved, others denied.  A comprehensive reference of the committee decisions are compiled in report form. Click HERE to download the Dental Assistant Competency Reference, August 2019 in Saskatchewan

Authorization, Delegation and Supervision

According to The Dental Disciplines Act, Section 24 (1) Dental assistants can perform authorized acts (consistent with formal education and SDAA records) according to their licence. 

Section 24 (2) refers to delegation by an employer.  Delegation of competencies refers to a skill restricted to one profession which the employer delegates to an individual or other profession. There are no provisions for delegation within the dental professions at this time.  Any competencies considered for delegation would need to be supported by all professions involved and include an appropriate training plan approved by the specific profession.

Section 25 (2) indicates that dental assistants can perform authorized acts when he/she is employed by a dentist or an agency that has a contract with a dentist (Government of SK/Canada, Personal Care Home, University/Saskatchewan Polytechnic/USASK etc.)

Since dental assistants cannot diagnose, SDAA would propose that public health employer (and consulting dentist) would need to devise operational policies that would authorize the dental assistant to brush/teach/take radiographs/preliminary impressions/conduct screening/place sealants etc. for patients as required.

Additionally, The Dental Disciplines Act, and SDAA Regulatory Bylaws takes the position that supervision is not required for members holding a Full Practice licence. SDAA Regulatory Bylaws Section 4 (5.2) states that members holding a restricted practice license must practice under the supervision of a dentist, licensed full practicing dental assistant, registered dental hygienist, or dental therapist who is on site and able to assist.  This is consistent with most self-regulating professions.

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